Hi there, it's Whitney!

Hi there, it’s Whitney! I am a Mama, Wife, Portrait and Lifestyle Photographer in the Salt Lake and surrounding areas, and a lover of old and strange movies that I deem to be classics!  My sliding scale of “classics” range from Anne of Green Gables to Encino man (Gotta love that Pauly Shore…Buddy!) and everything in between.  Amongst passion for family and movies, I am a lover of the past; I love that photography allows me to go back to certain times, certain memories and relive them again.  I want to capture something that is real and truly meaningful so that others can be reminded that there is beauty in simplicity, that there is beauty in family.  I want to create something meaningful for my clients so they feel absolute joy when they see their photographs. Now are the times that are precious; now are the times that you will want to remember.  


I am innovative and I work hard. Photography is what I love to do.  Contact me today to book a session!